Screen Printed Transfers

Screen Printed Plastisol Transfers

Screen printing is the most flexible and accommodating option for most orders because it allows designs to be replicated rapidly without sacrificing quality or incurring a high cost. If you’re looking to outfit your office staff in a pinch, load up on branded merch before your big show, grand opening, or keep a popular print stocked in your store, this service is likely your best bet.

Ink Types

We pride ourselves in the ability to offer a variety of ink types as unique as your project.

Plastisol Transfers 

Goof Proof TransferPuff TranserGlow-In-The-Dark

Plastisol is the most widely used ink for screen printing today. This PVC based ink sits on top of the garment’s fibers, allowing for great coverage on light and dark garments. It’s unmatched when it comes to bright colors on cotton and blended garments, and is the most accurate when it comes to matching Pantones. These inks are very durable, and when properly cured, prints will last for years.

Water Based Transfer

Soft OpaqueUltraColor transfers for spandex and nylonSub Blocker TransferUltraColor transfers for sublimated polyester

Water based ink is exactly what it sounds like, ink that uses water as a solvent. This ink is very thin (like water), so it soaks directly into a garment’s fibers, resulting in a very soft print. It’s primarily used on light, 100% cotton garments. Using it on blended shirts can create a cool “vintage” look. These inks typically wear with the shirt, resulting in a well loved look over time.

Discharge is a water based ink containing a bleach-based agent. Once it is absorbed by fabric, this ink is effectively a dye. Discharge ink allows for extremely soft prints (once washed). It can produce incredibly vibrant colors (on 100% cotton garments), but it’s very reactive to a garments color and blend. Discharging garments with a low cotton content is not recommended. Although custom colors are available, Pantone matches are not as accurate as plastisol.

Athletic inks are similar to Plastisol, however they have a lower cure temperature, and contain blocking agents that prevent dye migration on dyed fabrics such as polyester. These inks allow for screen printing on more delicate garments that are highly reactive to heat.

Specialty inks are also available at Press & Release. We offer glitter inks, shimmer inks, puff inks, foil, etc. If you’re looking for something to help your print stand out, we’ve got you covered!

Our standard turnaround for screen print transfer orders is 15 business days (approx. 3 weeks, excluding holidays).
Expedited orders may be available for an additional fee, depending on our availability and the scope of your order. Please contact us directly if you need to meet a specific deadline.


When it comes to pricing your screen print transfers printing job, we stick to the basics:

  • Quantity: How many pieces would you like to order? We have price breaks at quantities of 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 90, 108, 144, 180, and 216. Have an order for 216 pieces or more? Contact us directly and we will determine special pricing.
  • Color: How many colors are in your design? Please note: If you will be printing a color onto a dark shirt, an under base (a base layer of white ink that helps the color pop) will be required and will count as an additional color.
  • Location: Where will your design(s) be printed? Specialty locations (sleeves, hoods, pant legs, etc.) will incur an additional fee.