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Features of our DTF Transfers

The days of uncertainty and compromise in your creative projects are over. With our Direct to Film (DTF) transfers, you can trust in the quality and brilliance of your artwork, product style, and color combinations. Our DTF transfers are meticulously crafted to stand out from the competition, ensuring that your designs come to life with unparalleled vibrancy and clarity.


Vibrant Image Quality and Fine Details

Our specially formulated DTF inks enable us to print deeper colors and a wider color gamut on our custom DTF transfers. 

Crisp Bright Whites

The DTF transfers industry's brightest white ink with incredible stretchability. In fact every design, regardless if there is white in it, is underbased with white to ensure that there is never any dye migration -- not even on nylon, polyester, or spandex.

No Borders Necessary

The DTF transfer above is a 4 inch wide print. Look at the incredible detail you can achieve with any design without any connecting background or border on your design. Use DTF transfers in place of vinyl, screen printing, sublimation, and more.

Super Fine Details

DTF transfers can handle down to 3 pixels of detail, which means that it can handle all design accents and small text, even if it's not connected to other parts of the design.

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Place it

Position your DTF (Direct to Film) Transfer on top of your product

Press It

Press with medium pressure for 30 seconds. We recommend 350°F / 176°C

Peal it

Let transfer cool for at least 15 seconds and peel.

DTF Gang Sheets

dtf transfer info

Preferred File Formats: 

To achieve the best results, we suggest uploading your designs in their original file format. We recommend using PNG, SVG, AI, or PDF files for their superior compatibility and quality retention.

Background Requirements: 

Ensure that your design files have a clear or transparent background. This helps in maintaining the integrity and sharpness of your design during the printing process.

Design Orientation: 

There is no need to mirror or alter the orientation of your design before uploading. Our design team will ensure that your prints are adjusted and the orientation is accurately represented in the final print. We will maximize your design space based off the artwork provided. 

By following these simple steps below, you can expect prints of the highest quality, reflecting your design just as you envisioned.


Pre-Press your garment for 5 seconds to get the moister out

1st Press: 350 degrees for 30 seconds medium pressure*

Let transfer cool for 15 seconds and Peel Warm

2nd Press: Cover with Teflon or parchment paper, 350 degrees for 15 sec, medium pressure. *

Note: Firm and even pressure is important for good adhesion, avoid any pocket/seams/buttons/zipper/etc. within the pressing area

Polyester/Blend Fabric: Lower the temperature 305-315 degrees & shorten time 3-8 seconds, as these fabrics absorb heat at much faster rate.*


*Temp and Time varies depending on heat press machine

Transfer Sizes

8x11 - Fits Kids to Small Adult T-Shirts (1-2 per sheet depending on image)

11x11 – Recommended for Adult t-shirts and Hoodies

11x17 - Recommended for Hoodies and Adult sizes starting from XL-3XL (Includes 2-3 smaller images)

Note: In many instances the t-shirt and hoodie will be the same size depending on the image.

Care & Storage


How to wash a DTF Printed shirt? Turn your t-shirt inside out. Fill your washing machine with cold water. Use the correct amount of soap and DO NOT use harsh detergents (ex. Tide) or Bleach. Use the delicate cycle on your washing machine. Air Dry your t-shirt or use the LOW heat setting on your dryer.

We will not be held liable for DTF transfers stored by our customers. All transfers purchased from Cuztom Life Printing is being sold for the sole purpose of being applied to a garment upon receipt or shortly after. Storing the transfers are at the sole discretion of the customers.



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